How does the DJI CSR discount work?


Registered not-for-profit organizations using drones for a good cause will be eligible for a DJI Better With Drones Discount.

Apply for a discount by filling in the form. When your application has been approved, you will receive a verification email.

Use the coupon code to get 10% off of most products in DJI's online store.

Put your drone to good use, and showcase your work by hashtagging #DJI and #Better With Drones.

Frequent Asked Questions

There are two ways to qualify for a 10% Better-With-Drones discount 1. If you are working for a registered nonprofit organization and will use a DJI product for a good purpose related to the organization's mission, DJI will offer a 10% discount.
2. If you are a student or educator of an academic institution and can verify a school or university email address.
The Better-With-Drones coupon code is valid for most of DJI's products. New products will be available for discount approximately two months after launch.
The coupon code is valid for 3 months from the date it is sent by email from DJI. You can re-apply for a new coupon code after one year.
No. Your coupon code is tied to the e-mail address of verification. It can only be used when purchasing from the DJI Online Store while logged in using this email address. As stated in our terms and conditions, the code cannot be shared. DJI reserves the right to take legal action if any misuse is suspected.
The coupon can be used twice per year and is limited to 1 unit of each product per person. The coupon code is valid for 3 months from the date of sending for same email address. You can re-apply for a new code after one year.
The coupon code can be used twice for the same order if you choose two different products.
The DJI Better-With-Drones discount is only available for nonprofit organizations and educational institutions at this stage. We do not offer the discount to private users or profit-making companies.